Huawei AC6605 WLAN Access Controller

Huawei AC6605 provides adaptable campus and office network solutions, Supports up to 1,024 APs and 10K STAs.


Huawei AC6605 WLAN Access Controller



Huawei AC6605 provides adaptable campus and office network solutions for medium- to large-sized enterprises and branches with support for increasing mobile device densities, extended hotspot coverage, and video applications.

This large-capacity WLAN controller offers powerful access, aggregation, and switching capabilities for both wired and wireless services. Two SFP + 10 GE optical uplink ports deliver outstanding performance. Fit AP + AC architecture and unified forwarding, control, and policies simplify network management. Supports up to 1,024 APs and 10K STAs.

Power up your WLAN with the AC6605 from Huawei.





20 x GE + 4 x GE Combo + 2 x 10 GE


24-port PoE

Power Supply

1+1 AC or 1+1 DC

Forwarding Capability

10 Gbit/s

Maximum Number of Managed APs


Maximum Number of Access Users


AP-AC Networking

Layer 2 or Layer 3 networking

Forwarding Mode

Direct forwarding (distributed forwarding or local forwarding) or tunnel forwarding (centralized forwarding)

AC Active/Standby Mode

1+1 HSB or N+1 backup

Radio Protocols

802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ac wave2



· Large-capacity and high-performance AC with 24 x GE ports and 2 x 10 GE ports, 10 Gbit/s forwarding capability, 1K managed APs, and 10K access users; easily deployed as a standalone device or rack-mounted

· Flexible data forwarding provides direct forwarding and tunnel forwarding; compatible with 802.11a/b/g/n wireless access points (APs) and Huawei new-generation 802.11ac APs

· Fine-grained user rights management with user-and role-based access controls; rich authentication mechanisms minimize WLAN security threats

· Flexible operation and maintenance methods with eSight, web system, or Command Line Interface (CLI); centrally managed with Huawei's intelligent eSight NMS

· Dynamic energy management reduces total power consumption while Huawei AC6605-26-PWR provides PoE/PoE+ connections to APs




Network Application


In direct forwarding mode, only control flows are transmitted in CAPWAP tunnels, and data flows sent from APs are transparently transmitted to the upstream device by the AC, as shown in Figure. Data flows are identified by VLAN IDs.

When data flows are not transmitted in CAPWAP tunnels, configure management VLANs and data VLANs as follows:


  • On the AC and its upstream switches, configure an AC management VLAN to transmit control flows between the AC and the NMS
  • On the switches between APs and the AC, configure AP management VLANs to transmit control flows between APs and the AC
  • On all switches between APs and the BRAS, configure data VLANs to differentiate WLAN service flows