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with the development of mobile communication services and the rapid growth of mobile users, mobile network architecture to IP, broadband development. In order to adapt to the development trend of business IP, packet transfer network (PTN) technology emerges as the times require. PTN is a new generation of multi service unified transport network based on packet transmission, which can realize the efficient transmission of packet service, and can be compatible with the traditional TDM, ATM and other services.

Mobile operators to upgrade the 4G network for business performance monitoring, access to high precision time signals are increasingly high demand. If you can not meet this requirement, the mobile operators face great challenges, the network will become very unstable. ADVA time synchronization solution provides a perfect synchronization solution for mobile support network, including the time and end to end clock information security. The product can well support SYNCE and IEEE 1588V2 standard specification.

2.product characteristics

This product has a wide range of applications, according to the needs of the application of flexible matching installed in the standard cabinet. According to the clock precision of optional crystal clock and rubidium clock type.

2.1 Osa 5421 product features

Ø  Syncjack™Technical time distribution, monitoring and testing

Ø  Accurate IEEE 1588 V2 PTP frequency and phase synchronization for wireless access networks

Ø  Built in GNSS receiver and master clock function

Ø  Keep the expansion properties including high-end quartz and rubidium oscillator options

Ø  The operational configuration is dominated by clock, APTS, and slave clock modes

Ø  Scalable output multiple physical synchronous output interfaces,

Ø  High availability design includes system clock selection, automatic asymmetric delay compensation and power redundancy.

2.2 Osa 5401 Modules features

Ø  syncplug™The technology hat

Ø  Built in GNSS receiver supports fully functional PrtC and IEEE 1588-2008 (PTP) clocks.

Ø  Provides accurate frequency and phase synchronization of IEEE 1588v2 PTP for wireless access networks and cellular networks

Ø  Easy to insert host device. No additional power or space requirements.

Ø  OEM custom host supplier brand

Ø  Implementation of the development of network elements from the GNSS receiver

Ø  Robust design with local layer 3 E oscillator and Sync-E input; for GNSS shutdown

Ø  Extended operating temperature range.

 3. Program introduction

ADVA time synchronization for a flexible solution, saving space, easy installation and maintenance, low cost, lower power consumption compared to traditional programs. The product of the precision time protocol PTP clock detection function supports synchronous Ethernet and IEEE 1588v2 signal, the application is simple, only need to fit into the corresponding application port to the IU chassis, external GPS antenna, the corresponding signal through the optical fiber link to the base station to send cable and the application demand side; also can be used for Mobile Backhaul equipment to coordinate the work of different manufacturers. Telecom operators not only to connect the optical fiber to the base station, they also need to provide accurate timing information for the phase adjustment, ADVA time synchronization program will provide them with a perfect way.

4  Application industry

fusion with multi network, makes the current complex network applications, more capacity increases, causing many problems affecting the network performance, increase the analogy of delay and jitter, lead to synchronization service. Therefore, many enterprises urgently need to solve this problem, thus time synchronization will be particularly important.

 3.1 Main application industry:

    Mobile and telecom operators

    Finance and securities

    Trading Center

    Other units that require time synchronization

3.2 Application of banking system

The equipment in the system (such as the DVR in the video surveillance) log must reflect the exact time, so for the bank, the importance of time accuracy and unity is gradually reflected. It is better to use the main and backup link to ensure the accurate signal and security of time signal.

5  Typical application

  Plan A    Time synchronization transmission of banking system

  Plan B  1588V2 based on PTN/OTN network transmission

 Plan C   WDM/OTN supports 1588V2 time information

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