EMC DSSD D5 storage solution


EMC VMAX All launched flagship Flash enterprise data service platform and EMC DSSD D5 flash rack level solutions that complement the industry-leading XtremIO all flash array, highlighting EMC of all flash storage system of the main commitment. EMC flash products can meet almost any enterprise data center application scenarios, so as to achieve a modern data center. EMC estimates that by 2020, all storage systems used for production applications will be based on flash arrays, which will only be used for large capacity and archival storage.

EMC full flash products designed to meet almost any enterprise data center application scenarios:

• XtremIO all flash array used to accelerate the integration and mixed data block storage workloads, such as database, data analysis, server virtual machine and virtual desktop infrastructure, the work load performance can be predicted and sub millisecond delay needs to be consistent. XtremIO provides the industry's best in line data compression and data deduplication capabilities to enhance the capacity of the economy, designed to deal with the most high-end enterprise workloads.

• VMAX All Flash is used to integrate data block and file mixed load, the work load requirements up to 6 Enterprise availability, 9 of the rich data service, IBM mainframe and iSeries support, and scalable storage system. VMAX All Flash provides the gold standard for replication, recovery, data services and quality of service, all redesigned with flash memory, providing up to 4PB of storage capacity.

• DSSD D5 flash flash storage rack level to create a new category, providing a breakthrough performance, meet the performance requirements of the highest traditions and the next generation of application scenarios, such applications require microsecond delay, such as real-time data for the Hadoop and Oracle analysis.

• VNX series array is EMC to provide the most simple and easy to use, the most economical of all flash memory products. Full flash VNXe

The entry-level array can support the file and data block workloads of the medium sized enterprises, and the departmental workload.

DSSD D5, it is called the second generation flash, tens of thousands of IOPS, a delay of 100 microseconds, the bandwidth of 100GB/S triumph in the pack, creating more than the first: the first NVMe shared memory. The first implementation of the NVMe access from user space. NVMe also achieved a hot swap memory module. Provides the industry's first NVMe PCIe cable, but also the industry's first multi dimensional RAID flash memory.

Optimization of DSSD data channel and customer channel, the data channel of the DSSD without the use of software, which provides the delayed application of minimum, maximum IOPS and bandwidth, the application does not require direct access to the DSSD, the traditional I/O software stack, so there will be a low delay.

DSSD D5, as its name implies, is 5U, up to 36 flash modules, flash memory module is a dual port PCIe Gen3, support hot swappable. DSSD has two control modules, providing redundancy, DSSD has two I/O modules, each of the IO modules can be connected to the host of 48 redundant connections.

D5 supports these three types of applications: one is the high-performance data warehouse, including the traditional database, memory database, etc.. Another type of high performance applications running on HDFS. The third category is custom applications. DSSD

Can be used for credit card fraud detection, financial risk analysis, predictive modeling, near real-time data flow analysis, can also be used for trading financial modeling, design and Simulation of the government, oil and gas extraction simulation grid, life science research and custom applications.



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