Data communications network solutions

 1、Global network topology

With the rapid development and wide application of information technology, the application service needs of enterprises continue to increase, which requires the enterprise in the network, should follow the following principles: high availability, high security, scalability, and advanced management.

2、Internet Access

The router is used as the gateway of the communication platform, which can meet the needs of high speed Internet users and guarantee the high speed of the internal and external network switching.

Modle such as:HUAWEI AR1220,H3C ER5200 etc..

3、Security and stability of network

1、Using firewall to protect network to increase network security.

Model such as:HUAWEI USG2200,H3C F100 etc..

2、Using the Internet behavior management equipment to optimize the user's Internet resources, and to detect the security of the network in order to ensure the security of the network.

Model such as:Network health NI3000, SINFOR AC1600.

3、The core switch adopts dual mechanism, which can effectively avoid unnecessary losses caused by equipment failure, and greatly increase the stability of the network.

Core switch models such as:HUAWEI S9700、S9300、S5700,H3C S9500、S7500 etc..

4、Manageability and scalability of networks

The selected equipment as far as possible with the same manufacturer of products, to achieve the purpose of unified management, network integration and hierarchical management more simple.

Equipment selection, should choose a slightly higher configuration model, to meet the possible future network expansion needs.


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