OSA 5420 PTP Clock

can provide accurate synchronization of frequency and time for the packet synchronization network, the operating parameters are in line with the standard specification of the transmission network, and flexible support ITU-T G.8265.1, G.8275.1 standard


OSA 5420 PTP Clock

 Basic Introduction

OSA 5420 series of products through the synchronous Ethernet and IEEE 1588V2 provides a flexible clock distribution function, built-in GNSS receiver and can be used as the master clock frequency, timing source phase and time distribution, the Synjack provides monitoring and measurement of clock system performance.

OSA 5420 series supports auxiliary partial path timing function (APTS: Assisted Partial Timing Support) to meet the timing scenarios strict internal. High quality OCXO or rubidium oscillator provides an extended stay.

This equipment can receive GPS/GNSS/BEIDU signal, 2Mbit/s, 2MHz and 1PPS, CLK, 10MHz signal acquisition and distributed clock synchronization, 2Mbit/s, 2MHz clock signal. To support the SSM selection mechanism and signal monitoring function. With GNSS, 2MHz, 2Mbit/s and CLK 10MHz, 1PPS clock signal input, as well as 2MHz, 2Mbit/s, CLK, 10MHz, 1PPS, SYNC-E. 1PPS TOD, NTP PTP, the output clock signal.

Main application

      1588V2 PTP Master clock (512 PTP client)

      1588V2 PTP Boundary clock (512 PTP client)

      1588V2 PTP APTS Clock(Assisted partial timing support clock) 

      1588V2 PTP Clock

      GNSS Receiver and PRC/PRTC

Synchronous clock probe Syncjack monitoring