DELL PowerEdge T30 micro tower server

By storing and sharing information on the server, PowerEdge T30 helps you to improve access to information, streamline processes and accomplish more in less time.


DELL PowerEdge T30 micro tower server


By storing and sharing information on the server, PowerEdge T30 can help you improve access to information, streamline processes and

Less time to do more work. You can organize complex data and applications on a central T30 server:

Avoid errors caused by manual sharing network file sharing and loss of data, images and video. Users can pass

The central file stores the shared files and works together to eliminate the trouble caused by the presence of multiple copies and versions of files between users.

Integrating data, images, and video in a plurality of media and media types stored in multiple locations. Server storage capacity,

You can store user data and organize a large number of DVD, USB drives, and external drives.

Enhance work efficiency

The PowerEdge T30 server provides a large internal storage capacity and strong performance in a quiet, micro tower chassis to achieve high

Efficiency and worry free operation. With the help of T30, we can integrate multiple desktops, workstations and data in mobile devices on a single server

And applications to promote collaboration and improve work efficiency.

You can use T30's processing power and storage density as needed to make it more efficient and efficient at home or in the office.

Saving time to move or copy files between different locations. Server data compared to external storage, cloud storage, or e-mail

Faster transmission.

Shorten business transaction response time.

Quiet small, affordable

T30 compact, low noise, easy to install in a small office / home office environment, and can run without interruption.

Home and office level mute design: a compact design and low noise design for use on the table

More location. Reduce the cost of storage and software: by adding data to the T30 and sharing the application to the user, you can avoid the purchase of other external storage

The cost of storing equipment, cloud storage space, and software copies to reduce expenditures.

Safe and easy to manage

With or without the help of IT employees, T30 can easily protect your data and files by using software RAID and optional backup restore solutions.

Backup and restore: easy implementation of Microsoft Windows Server automated data backup.

Easy management: updating software applications on a single location, not on multiple PC, simplifies tasks and saves time.

Other models have PowerEdge FC630/830, VRTX, T30/T110/T130/T330/T430/630., FM120x4.

Processor options

1 processors in the following product family:

The Intel Xeon processor E3-1225 V5

Intel Pentium G4400

It is the Intel core i3-6100

Operating system options

Microsoft Windows Server 2012; 2012 R2;

2016 (only for ECC configuration: Zhi Qiang)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (only Intel Xeon CPU)

Ubuntu Server 14.04 / 16.04

Chipset options

Intel C236

Memory options 2

Architecture: 4 DIMM slots

Maximum RAM: maximum 64 GB DDR4 ECC (Zhi Qiang), with a maximum of 64 GB DDR4 of 2133 MT/s non MT/s ()

ECC (Intel Pentium / I3)


Up to 6 total HDDs (4 x) SATA HDD + 2 additional 2.5 SATA HDD (w/ SATA)

Expansion Kit optional controller card and)

Optical bay: DVD+/-RW on (standard Intel Xeon configuration, optional on) Internal

Intel Pentium configuration)