Sugon high performance GPU server X785-G30

Intel purley 2-Socket,4U high performance GPU server,it can host 8 Tesla V100 or 20 Tesla T4 GPU or equivalent GPU.X785 focusing on deep learning scenario,it has 3 different GPU interconnect topology optimized for different scenario,with high IO extension


Sugon high performance GPU server X785-G30

 1, Feature

Brand new processor

This product could deliver higher performance for users' every application with the Intel's latest generation of Xeon Scalable family processors. Compared to the previous generations, the Intel Xeon Scalable family processors offer a significant improvement and better system performance, which could support more CPU cores and max DDR4 2666 memory. Besides, the efficiency of collaboration between CPUs could be significantly increased by using more and faster UPI bus.

Powerful processing performance

The processor integrates a 6-channel memory controller and supports up to 2666MHz of DDR4 memory. Single CPU could provide up to 28 core processing ability. With a new bus-connection technology between UPI and CPU, the processing performance of channels achieve a significant improvement, which could speed up to 10.4gt/s.

It supports 8 dual GPU ranks and provides 3 kinds of GPU topology connection, which could provide different optimization options for different deep learning applications and achieve maximum performance optimization.

Ultra-strong extensions

Each CPU supports 8 memory spots and total 16 DIMMs. The storage is able to 2TB. Flexible and powerful memory configuration options ensure that there is no compromise in ultra-strong extensions.

21 3.0x16 PCIEs provide various expansion ports for system and support high-speed 100G EDR Infiniband network connection, which could be a high density and high performance platform for GPU.

High Density

4U rack-mounted design and unique CPU/GPU independent heat dissipation structure realize high performance, density and reliability.


2, Tech Spec

Technical specifications

Host Performance


Supported Intel Xeon Scalable product familyhigh-speed UPI interconnection bus10.4/9.6/8.0/6.4 GT/sspeed is based on the types of CPU),large storage and level-three cache15/20/25/30/35/38 MBbased on the types of CPU




Supported max 16 DIMMs

Supported DDR4 RDIMM/LRDIMM 2666/2400/ 2133MHz REGthe frequency should be based on the type of CPU and  the number of memories

Hard Drive

Supported max 24 2.5-inch hot-swappable hard drives4 NVMe SSDs

Supported 2 M.2 SATA SSDs

Network Adapters

Intel I350 dual-port gigabit NICsupported WOLnetwork redundancyload balancing and othersupported OCP extension 10G/25G NIC

PCIE I/O Expansion slots

1 PCIE3.0)×16 slotsupported OCP

20 PCIE3.0)×16 slots


8 NVIDIA Tesla V100/P100/P40

20 NVIDIA Tesla P4/T4

GPU is based on the compatibility list)

Storage Controllers

Supported 1 PCIE 3.0 x8 slot for SAS/RAID extension and supported RAID 0/1/5/6

Other Ports

1 separate IPMI management port

2 front USB 3.0 ports

2 back USB 3.0 ports

1 front VGA port

1 back VGA port


BMC Integrated chipsupported IPMI2.0 and KVM Over IP high-level management

Integrated display controller32MB

Operating System

RedHat EL Linux/ Centos 7.4

Windows sever 2012 R2

Ubuntu 16.04

SUSE SLES 12operating system based on the compatibility list)


1600W/2000W 2+2 high-efficiency redundant battery with PMBus function(certificated by 80plus)

Battery Voltage



4U Rack Server

Chassis Dimensions


Max Weight


Environmental Temp Requirement

Processing 10℃~35℃(50℉~95℉)

Storage -40℃~60℃(-40℉~140℉)

Relative humidity requirement

Processing max 90RH40℃)

Processing 35%~80 RH

Transporting & Storage 20%~93 RH


Frequency 5Hz150HzAcceleration20m/s2Amplitude0.15mm


Peak acceleration 150m/s2300m/s2Duration time11ms


Peak acceleration 100m/s2150m/s2less than 1000 times