HUAWEI S5700-HI Flexible Gigabit 10G/40G SFP Uplink Ports Network Switch

Highly scalable gigabit access for terminals in enterprise campus networks; also ideal for resilient server support and aggregation in large-scale data centers


HUAWEI S5700-HI Flexible Gigabit 10G/40G SFP Uplink Ports Network Switch


The S5700-HI series (hereafter referred to as S5700-HI) are advanced gigabit Ethernet switches, providing flexible gigabit access and 10G/40G uplink ports. Based on next-generation, high performance hardware and Huawei Versatile Routing Platform (VRP), the S5700-HI provides excellent NetStream function, flexible Ethernet networking, comprehensive VPN tunneling technologies, diversified security mechanisms, mature IPv6 features, and are easy to manage and maintain. All these features make the S5700-HI the best choice as an access switch on large and medium-sized campus networks or data centers and aggregation switch on small campus networks.

 Item Models


Networking and applications

The S5710-HI can function as a core switch on a medium-sized enterprise network. With four extended slots, the S5710-HI can have various subcards installed to provide more interfaces and bandwidth for fast increasing services.

On large-sized enterprise networks

The S5700-HI can function as an access device on a large-sized enterprise network or an aggregation device on a small-sized or medium-sized campus network. It supports link aggregation and dual-homing to improve network reliability.

In data centers

The S5700-HI can be used in a data center. It connects to gigabit servers and aggregates traffic from the servers to uplink devices through trunk links. If multiple servers are available, an S5700 stack can be used to facilitate network maintenance and improve network reliability.