The world's first commercial quantum communication trunk "Shanghai Hangzhou line" section of the

 Washington - the world's first commercial quantum communication trunk "Shanghai Hangzhou line" officially opened in Zhejiang!" Yesterday afternoon, held in Hangzhou in 2016 the first quantum information industry development summit forum, Cao Wenzhao, President of Zhejiang Kyushu quantum information technology Limited by Share Ltd solemnly declared. Director of the Ministry of communication development division smell library said: "the world's first commercial quantum communication trunk operation, marking the quantum communication industrialization era, opened the prelude to quantum communication industry market operation."

The end of the quantum communication in the information age, no privacy concerns. "Quantum Kyushu" Chairman Zheng Shaohui introduction, "Shanghai Hangzhou line" construction by using quantum communication technology is currently the world's most advanced, the chip may have the back door, with no sense of fiber may have been eavesdropping, communication technology as a landmark, unconditional security of quantum communication is to ensure communication, can withstand any forms of information stealing or eavesdropping, which can guarantee the encrypted content can not decipher.

"Shanghai Hangzhou line" a total length of 260 km, a total investment of 170 million yuan, via Shanghai Pu Road Show, Caohejing, Dagang, Jiaxing East, Tongxiang, Hangzhou 6 relay station. Among them, Zhejiang about 180 km long, in Tongxiang in March 18th this year to start building, and strive to build the core area of China "Internet plus". After the completion of the government from Hangzhou to Shanghai, banks, enterprises and other data security transmission has higher requirements of the main body, can get a strong security, confidentiality of the high line data services. So far, with more than and 100 financial institutions have or will sign an agreement.

Zhejiang is an important part of the national quantum communication network, will help build a quantum communications industry in Zhejiang highlands. According to reports, before the end of this year, the "Shanghai line" will be completed, Beijing Shanghai route is expected to be completed, the future of the "Shanghai route will connect and Beijing Shanghai route.

"There's a satellite in the sky." The study of quantum communication science leader, said academician Pan Jianwei, a great beginning in Zhejiang just Chinese construction of quantum communication network, we hope that through 10 to 20 years of efforts to build a world one of the global quantum communication network."

As a matter of national defense and cutting-edge technology of information security, quantum communication this year was officially written into the national "13th Five-Year" plan. General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out the need to implement the core technology and equipment in the field of network information strategy to promote the development and application of quantum communications and other major breakthroughs.

"At first, quantum communication will be applied in the fields of business, finance, military and so on. This is a scientific research achievement." Pan Jianwei said that after 5 years, many government departments will be used; after 15 years, will enter thousands of households, each of the mobile phone can be installed a quantum encryption chip, in addition to protect their privacy, can also transfer, payment and other consumer behavior on the Internet, enjoy the security of quantum communication.

Wen Ku said that quantum information technology is the future of the global competition high technology innovation, our country will promote the overall development of technology development and industrial development, promote the development of innovation driven, promote the development of quantum information technology industry.