Shanghai chucheng in Double live solutions in the field of banking was a major breakthrough

 The so-called "double life" is different from the data center, a data center, a disaster recovery center, the former two data centers are in operation, so called "double live", and backup each other; the latter is a data center put into operation, another data center does not work in the state only, when a disaster occurs, the production data center disaster recovery center to start the paralysis.

Double live data center is characterized by the largest:

1.make full use of resources, to avoid a data center is idle all year long and waste. Through the integration of resources, double live data center service capacity is doubled.

2.double live data center if a data center, another data center is still running, the user is not aware of. A disaster recovery center mode, if the production data center paralysis, half an hour, or even two hours, or even longer to start the disaster recovery center, disaster recovery center at boot time, user transactions will be severely damaged.

Shanghai Chucheng Information Technology Co.,Ltd has provided banking solutions can achieve double live remote disaster recovery double live solution, its core technology is through efficient protocol, real-time synchronization memory two data center database and distributed storage. When two live data centers across a few tens of kilometers, the data through the establishment of a bare optical fiber communication between the two data centers, we know that the speed of light propagation in the optical fiber is about 5ns/m. Therefore, when the data center is far away, the delay and loss of optical transmission have specific effects on the performance of the upper database, so this is the core of the solution.

Shanghai Chucheng Information Technology Co.,Ltd Double live data center solutions, can be widely used in the city live data center. Compared to the traditional master - ready data center program, the double live program has a subversive advantage: 

✓ No worries of disaster recovery drills

✓ No data loss(RPO=0)

✓ No service recovery latency(RTO<5S)

✓ No equipment idle waste