Project Manager

 Job Responsibilities:

(1) Mainly responsible for the business matters of transmission products, including opportunity point establishment, program design, installation and delivery, after-sales service, and familiar with surrounding related products, such as digital communication, wireless, storage and so on.
(2) Responsible for the tracking of new customers and the maintenance of old customers.
job requirements:
(1) Have project design capabilities;
(2) Have English reading and writing skills;
(3) Have a clear ability to express;
(4) It takes three or more years of work experience in the same industry or close to the same industry;
(5) Those with experience in bidding are preferred, and those with transfer product authorization support are preferred; those with customer resources are preferred;
(6) Have a good learning ability and be able to master the product in a short time.

The company provides employees with the following benefits:
1. Provide a working meal or 20 yuan / day meal supplement;
2. Annual medical examination;
3. Group travel;
4. Performance bonuses;
5. Five insurance and one gold;
6. Paid annual leave;
7. The work age award, the year-end award, the team award, etc. get your hands soft;
8. All kinds of paid leave (girl leave, parent-child leave)
9. On-the-job training and broad promotion space...
10. The interviewer can reimburse the fare, the upper limit is 100 yuan.