Network Engineer /IT Engineer / Project Manager


1) Responsible for the internal network construction and maintenance of the enterprise, planning, designing, adjusting and optimizing the network architecture;
2) Responsible for the installation and commissioning of customer network equipment;
3) Responsible for fault diagnosis, troubleshooting and resolution of customer network equipment, daily maintenance, replacement and upgrade services;
4) Responsible for project design, quotation, quotation, maintenance, etc.

job requirements:
1) Bachelor degree or above in computer network, communication engineering and related majors;
2) Familiar with the working principles and characteristics of networks, security devices such as servers, routers, switches, firewalls, and transmissions, and familiar with common routing and exchange protocols;
3) Familiar with mainstream network products (H3C, HuaWei, ) and proficient in configuration;
4) Those who are familiar with network security products are preferred;
5) Work proactively, can work hard, have a strong sense of responsibility, and have the ability to work in teams;
6) Strong communication skills and good service awareness;
7) Priority is given to network certifiers such as Huawei, H3C or ;

Sales Specialist / Sales Engineer
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for development, tracking, maintenance, and customer service
2. Sales of products under their jurisdiction
3, salary structure: 6k + commission + performance + welfare (conditional good base salary adjustment)

1. Communication engineering or computer hardware related majors
2, 2 years of work experience
3. Familiar with the brand priority of mainstream communication vendors

The company provides employees with the following benefits:
1. Provide a working meal or 20 yuan / day meal supplement;
2. Annual medical examination;
3. Group travel;
4. Performance bonuses;
5. Five insurance and one gold;
6. Paid annual leave;
7. The work age award, the year-end award, the team award, etc. get your hands soft;
8. All kinds of paid leave (girl leave, parent-child leave)
9. On-the-job training and broad promotion space...
10. The interviewer can reimburse the fare, the upper limit is 100 yuan.