Foreign trade clerk

 Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the domestic and international sales and promotion of the company's products, and complete the designated sales tasks;
2. The release and promotion of new products of the company;
3. Development and maintenance of new and old customers;
4. Construction, promotion and daily maintenance of the company's trading platform.

1. Communications, computer, international trade and other related majors;
2. Familiar with the operation and maintenance of Alibaba, Taobao and other business platforms;
3. Excellent English reading and writing skills;
4. Have strong communication skills and communication skills, with affinity;
5. Have certain market analysis and judgment ability, and good customer service awareness;
6. Practical, responsible, able to withstand greater work pressure;
7. Excellent fresh graduates are also available.

High base salary + high commission
Basic salary: 5,000 yuan / month - 10,000 yuan / month
Challenge your basic salary based on your ability
Commission: no limit

The company provides employees with the following benefits:
1. Provide a working meal or 20 yuan / day meal supplement;
2. Annual medical examination;
3. Group travel;
4. Performance bonuses;
5. Five insurance and one gold;
6. Paid annual leave;
7. The work age award, the year-end award, the team award, etc. get your hands soft;
8. All kinds of paid leave (girl leave, parent-child leave)
9. On-the-job training and broad promotion space...
10. The interviewer can reimburse the fare, the upper limit is 100 yuan.