Communication Technology Engineer / Communication Technology Supervisor

 1. Responsible for providing technical support for communication products (Huawei, ZTE, CC, etc.), such as product configuration design, product demonstration and technical exchange services to help sales teams achieve sales targets;

2. Cooperate with the sales progress and customer needs, carry out demand analysis, and formulate technical solutions for the project.
3. Responsible for providing after-sales customers with product inspection, product demonstration, technical consultation and other services to ensure sales and customer satisfaction;
4. Responsible for tracking and understanding current mainstream products and new technologies, and timely upgrading the technical level and related qualifications or certifications;

1. Communications, computer applications or electronic information and related majors;
2. Have good communication skills and learning ability, and be able to quickly master the knowledge of the company's products;
3. Careful, responsible, professional and team spirit;
4. Practical and diligent, hardworking and eager to learn, can continue to accept various skills upgrade training arranged by the company;

The company provides employees with the following benefits:
1. Provide a working meal or 20 yuan / day meal supplement;
2. Annual medical examination;
3. Group travel;
4. Performance bonuses;
5. Five insurance and one gold;
6. Paid annual leave;
7. The work age award, the year-end award, the team award, etc. get your hands soft;
8. All kinds of paid leave (girl leave, parent-child leave)
9. On-the-job training and broad promotion space...
10. The interviewer can reimburse the fare, the upper limit is 100 yuan.